We work for quality

Monpar selects the best essences in the world, opting for raw materials from forests controlled and certified according to a system of due diligence attentive to certifications. We process wood using only vinyl glues completely free of harmful emissions, guaranteeing and certifying the quality and safety of our products. Our attention is also placed in the choice of paints from certified and latest generation water supply chain in order to always respect the environment that hosts us. Each processing is obtained through technical and technological solutions that comply with the latest national and international regulations, for a product that always meets the highest quality standards.

Monpar is committed to offering high quality finishing products, ensuring a unique and original experience in every single collection. Our paintings wax-effect polyurethane, with zero gloss, and water-based varnishes are made with the respect for the environment. These finishes are produced following strict standards ecological during the production and application phase, maintaining the same attention for the entire life of Monpar parquet. Our application system elevates the surfaces, allowing you to appreciate the essences natural, caress always different surfaces and admire the thousand veins and shades of shades, creating floors ideal for any environment. We are convinced that every process must be unique, and with our knowledge, skills and creativity, we contribute to creation of precious artifacts that are distinguished by their quality and originality.

Antibacterial Treatment

Upon request we provide antibacterial treatment on our floors . A natural protection against germs and bacteria for the good of your environment. Our antibacterial treatment with ions of silver, maintains unchanged the characteristics of the paints and creates a mechanical barrier to sanitizing action blocking the proliferation of germs and bacteria in contact with the wood surface . Thanks to the chemical/physical performance of our paints, we can also ensure a long service life in all environments, both private and public. High traffic paintFor high traffic environments, especially in public contexts, we provide a specially formulated paint with high strength is required. This solution is optimal for wooden floors subject to frequent foot traffic, thanks to its distinctive properties of high resistance to abrasion and heavy traffic. On request, it is possible enrich the paint with antibacterial and fireproof functionality, allowing you to obtain the desired certification.

Creating respecting nature

Each Monpar floor is a unique masterpiece of our land. Monpar was born and raised in a land that inspired the lines elegant by Palladio, the vivid colors of Tiepolo, the refined jewels chiselled by the artisans of Vicena, the italian capital of gold. All this beauty runs through our veins: that's why from Alonte, in the province of Vicenza, we bring flooring worldwide wood crafts that are true masterpieces

For over 20 years, Monpar has been making wooden floors that enhance the uniqueness of the raw material, designed to achieve a result that is not limited to furnishing