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This collection of wood floors shows how efficiently the architect Monpar have succeeded in industrializing a theme related to the use of large formats so dear to the architecture of the past. Monpar’s design language, in fact, finds its inspiration in the antique furniture, yet giving to his creations a personal and contemporary character.


These wood floors are rich without being opulent and allow to create unexpected and graphic-like designs. The Design Collection by Monpar and Carlo Dal Bianco is in essence and character an exclusive and taylor made floor, while in fact remaining a three layers monoplank flooring counterbalanced with top layer of precious wood.


Grande spina–BigSpine
This format is inspired by the precious flooring in light wood essences of large dimensions used in museums, such as, for example, the beautiful flooring at the Louvre-Paris in large spine-like patterns and, at times, the country-style flooring of the Schinkel manors.
Three layers monoplank with customized finishing . Available in different essences, customizable upon request.


Lungo Esagono–Long Hexagon
The Lungo esagono conveys a more informal style, inspired by Gio Ponti in his sixties and seventies, in particular by the detail of the lozenges decorating the Taranto Cathedral.
Three layers monoplank with customized finishings . Available in different essences, customizable upon request.


Piccolo Vaso–Small Vase
Piccolo vaso originates from the hexagon shape, although, at the same time, suggesting the classical theme of the spine-like pattern. Technically speaking, a very good use is made of the raw material, that is the wood plank from which this pattern is obtained.
Three layers monoplank with customized finishing. Available in seven essences, customizable upon request.



Combination between same formats but differents colours
Same formats and tile in different combinations.





Noble wood 4 mm (nominal)


Lungo Esagono / Long Hexagon: Thickness 15 mm / Width 190 mm / Lenght 930 mm
Piccolo vaso / Small Vase: Thickness 15 mm / Width 300 mm / Lenght 300 mm
Grande Spina / Big Spine: Thickness 15 mm / Width 300 mm / Lenght 600 mm


Certifications PEFC, Prodotto Fabbrica Italiana, CE


Support Three layer: top layer by noble wood, central layer by solid conifer, bottom layer by preciosu wood to counterbalance or birch plywood


Manufactoring Four slightly chamfered sides locked together


Quality According to UNI EN 13489 rule


Laying Only glued down


Surface Polished,  Brushed, Handscrapped, Sawcut


Finish Neutral Oil Bioil, Urethane Oil, Water Based Varnish, Polyurethane Varnish