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Monpar is a dynamic and well organized
italian wood floor factory
from more than 20 years.


All our wood floor is totally made and produced
in our factory situated in the North East of Italy
Veneto region, province of Vicenza, in the city of Alonte.


The continual and permanent research in new products
and new technologies
made Monpar one of the well known
producer in Italy and all around the world.


The PEFC certification and CE mark guarantee also
a specific attention to environment and a eco-friendly productions.

Monpar can produce three layer planks and multilayer planks
also with important size with width to 300 mm and length to 2800 mm.


But also caissons, tiles
and any kind of designed wood floor.


Every finishes and surfaces
are handmade by our italian experienced artisans
and give unique high quality to every Monpar’s wood floor.

We are always open

Covid-19 emergency does not affect our activity.

We are open and operative as usual.

Stay strong and fight with "Corona" with us.

 Greetings from Monpar Staff


Last update 27 of April 2020


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